cathy, xxv, she/her

korean, law student, straight
enfp, gemini, sanguine
feel free to request when locked


love live!: maki nishikino, umi sonoda
love live! sunshine!!: you watanabe, dia kurosawa
hunter x hunter: killua zoldyck
boku no hero academia: uraraka ochako, todoroki shouto


haikyuu!!: iwaoi
touken ranbu: kashuu kiyomitsu
hibike! euphonium: asuka tanaka
ensemble stars!: trickstar
d. grayman: lavi, allen walker


rt heavy
soft-blocking makes me nervous so please unfollow
i generally only follow back if you are 18↑
i will occassionally lock
i will sometimes take long breaks from twitter without warning
i favorite tweets, if you would like me not to favorite your tweet, please tell me
i do not vague tweet
i respect your opinions, please respect mine
if we're mutuals, we're friends

if you've stuck around with me this long, thank you ♡
if you're new, i hope we become good friends ☆
mutuals, feel free to dm me for line, discord, and/or snapchat
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